Welcome to DNAI..

> DNAI was a small Dutch start-up company that aims to develop products and/or innovations
for a wide variety of markets.

> DNAI set its goal to develop and exploit these products or innovations on its own accord,
or together with partners.

> Innovations and product ideas are being 'protected' by shrouding them in total secrecy.
They will be disclosed when we think it's ready to talk about them.

> Now this has all come to an end. Due to 'our' ventures not being provitable to sustain 'us'.

DNAI had 1 product in beta-test phaze.

<- ComHulp Beta

Available in Dutch
& English language.

Can help paralyzed
people communicate by
pointing at sentences.

NEXT ???

Follow the link to read what will happen to this application for disabled people.

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